AreaVoIP works with open communication solutions: i.e. based on systems using open standards and open source software – like Asterisk or FreePBX – because they offer multiple benefits to businesses.
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Benefits of Open Standards

The open standards-based systems offer multiple benefits to companies and organizations. So many of them – especially public administration entities – are adopting this technology:

 Flexibility: Open standards promote compatibility and interoperability between manufacturers and that permits deployments where equipment from different vendors are integrated thus getting the particular benefits of each product. In addition, a first selection of manufacturer does not prevent change for other options in the future in case of bad service, improved competition or obsolescence.

 Competitiveness: The emergence of open standards in the world of technology fosters competition between manufacturers and this causes a drastic and continuous cost optimization.

 Stability: less risk of obsolescence. Since there is a much wider community to support these technologies, the risk of obsolescence of products is very limited.

 Innovation: While further research is encouraged ultimately resulting in continuous improvements to the user.


Benefits from Open Source Solutions

Open source solutions (like Asterisk and FreePBX), provide additional benefits to our customers by a set of specific advantages from the open source development model:

 Licenses: No license costs. Opensource distribution model allows the use and distribution of the software without licensing costs. This results in an immediate cost benefit to our customers and provides also a flexibility and scalability without comparison in the market.

 Product Development: Product development is performed by a large community of experts, coordinated by the main sponsor, and without proprietary trade restrictions in the development model. This creates continuous innovation and reduces the risk of obsolescence.

 Quality control: Unlike the proprietary model where quality control is undertaken by the manufacturer, in the open source model is the market itself that makes this control putting a filter between stable and solid solutions and those that are not.