Asterisk PBX systems are very reliable and that once put into production often do not cause problems.

However, due to the criticality of the environments in which it unfolds, it becomes necessary to provide a maintenance service that ensures the appropriate level of service at the facility.

AreaVoIP offers specialized maintenance services for Asterisk (Elastix and FreePBX) including:

 Basic Maintenance: Attention to incidents and preventive software maintenance.

 Hardware Maintenance: guaranteed replacement of hardware elements.

 System Administration:  hour package for configuration changes.

Below , we explain in detail those three options.

Basic Maintenance

Care and troubleshooting . The standard business hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 14pm and from 16:00 to 18:30 hours.

Proactive system monitoring.

Backup copy of the initial system configuration.

Software review to correct stability or security problems: ‘minor release’ software update,  and  patch installation.

Hardware maintenance

According to the hardware architecture to maintain, there are different conditions and prices. The conditions are listed in the following table:


Equipment Type Action Response Time Resolution Time
Telephony server in-situ 4 hours 24 hours
TDM Interface Cards / Voip in-situ 4 hours 24 hours
Adapters and IP Phones Reposición tras envío 24 hours 72 hours
LAN Switch in-situ optional 4 hours 48 hours

System Administration

Involves hiring a bag of hours that allows customers to access technical expertise for configuration changes on their Asterisk system. An example of these services are:

 Inclusion of new extensions or changes.

 Changes in the routing of incoming or outgoing calls.

 Setting up new lines or SIP Trunks.

 Modification of audio.

 Configuring IVR (Digital receptionist).

 Update business and holiday closings.