Asterisk IP PBX provides many features that enable your company to improve the management of Customer Service department.

These features include the following:


 Identify the geographic origin of the call to adopt the language of my interlocutor in the computerized system and manager , my client providing a greater sense of closeness and trust.

 Identify the customer by its phone number and automatically access his data, purchase history and recent efforts (in your CRM or ERP .

 Automatically assign the call to the usual account manager, to improve management.

 Make a specific call treatment for delinquent customers.

 Equitably distribute the workload among my agents.

 Monitor the productivity of my individual managers .

 Detect missed calls and automatically generate the callback. Having a scorecard of the quality level of service I am giving my clients.

All this thanks to flexible and dynamic technologies. You can ask about the different options available applications or talk to our advisors.