In AreaVoIP believe that the unification of enterprise communications (voice, data , messaging or video) on a single IP network provides multiple benefits:


 Simplifying management.
 Cost reduction.
 Improvement of mobility and accessibility for users.


In the specific field of telephony, IP convergence has brought many economic and functional benefits to businesses, which has increased with the emergence of powerful open solutions and solvency as has been the Asterisk system , and also by the appearance virtual PBX systems or in the cloud.

AreaVoIP has a team of specialized engineers with many years of experience in the implementation of systems and multi voip. Listed below are the various solutions and services we provide to our customers in this area:


IP PBX Systems: Advanced voip systems based on Asterisk, FreePBX and Cisco.
PBX en the Cloud: In addition to the benefits of IP PBXs , the advantages of having a robust and easily scalable service without having to invest.
 IP Phones , Gateways and other voip systems: voip technology incorporates multiple elements for integration with networks and traditional voice systems (switched ) to ensure efficient use of existing investments .
 IP Videoconferencing Systems.