If your company is planning to install Customer or Call center technology, open solutions and more specifically the Asterisk solution can provide multiple benefits:


 Lower costs of implementation and operation

 Great flexibility and scalability

 Compatibility with most market CTIs

 Technological stability and durability


Asterisk Communication servers bring a wealth appropriate for deploying a call center, which in many cases do not require the purchase of licenses, bringing lower costs to your business.

Main applications


 ACDs – Systems for automatic distribution of incoming calls to Customer Service , Helpdesk , SAT, etc. An ACD allows you to improve perceived by the customer. Management uses queuing calls with automatic distribution among a group of agents. There are different distribution policies calls: sequential, random, for calls received, for a total duration of calls processed, etc. You can also set priorities for knowledge (skills) of the agent.

  Dialers – Automation for outgoing calls: system that enable autodial phone lists for telemarketing activities, arrange visits or recovery. There are four ways, with different degrees of automation call: preview, power dialer, progressive or predictive .

 IVR Systems – Interactive Voice Response: You can slow down your agents work incorporating an interactive call management systems. The user selects, via tones or by speech utterances, the destination of your calls.

  Call Recording Systems: you can access a reliable voice recording large capacity, and for a fraction of the cost of other systems solutions.

  Screen pop: when receiving a call, the CTI system starts a session of CRM (or ERP) , and can select the tab of the customer by ANI or CLID. Thus the agent can automatically display on your screen data and recent efforts of the customer who has called.

  Intelligent routing, manage incoming calls based on the dialed number (DDI), the caller’s number (ANI or CLID) or date-time . You can extend the functionality of this service through integration with customer databases (usually via webservice).

  Reports and call monitor: statistical reports and real-time monitors of received calls and service levels, telephone activity, productivity of agents, etc.