We specialize in Asterisk telephone VoIP solutions. Asterisk is an IPPBX system used by companies of all sizes to improve their communication, including Google, Yahoo, IBM, and even the Army U.S.

Open Source solutions currently represent more than 20% of the telephone systems installed worldwide and Asterisk is the market leader in open source VoIP PBX (VoIP PBX). Launched 10 years ago and constantly developed by the open source community, Asterisk has become one of the richest communication servers in functionality, scalable and sound than those available today.

Asterisk software remains free to download and comes with all the features without licensing restrictions. Asterisk can work with most SIP compatible phones and softphones.

We implement the most popular: Elastix and FreePBX . We can help installing and configuring these systems for you : call us and we will make a quote.

Centralita Asterisk

Elastix – Asterisk VoIP System


Elastix is a complete business communication system based on open source. Includes FreePBX IP PBX system , a firewall , a system call charge , software for call center, CRM and other interesting applications. This is a free distribution of Unified Communications Server using Asterisk as a base, integrated into one package:

 VoIP PBX implemented with FreePBX
 Fax server based on Hylafax
 Instant Messaging (Openfire)
 Mail (Postfix)
 Call Metering System
 Call center and Customer support


Elastix implements much of its functionality over four programs of important software like Asterisk, Hylafax , Openfire and Postfix. They provide the functions of PBX , fax , instant messaging and email , respectively .
It also incorporates a call charges system (A2billing) very interesting in environments such as hotels and business centers, and a system of call center agents to manage telemarketing or customer service.
Elastix runs on CentOS operating system and currently its most stable version is 2.4.0.

FreePBX: Asterisk IP PBX


FreePBX is a php based application that delivers all the functionality of an IP PBX under a friendly interface and powerful HTML management. Developed by Schmoozee, provides a solution of IP PBX enterprise grade on Asterisk VoIP communications environment.

Its main advantages are:

 PBX features enterprise-grade.
Free license.
 Intuitive Web-Based Space Management.
 Continual development process.